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Fusion by DropMock Partners

Incredible monthly membership where YOU get input on the content through a monthly webinar. Features tons of templates every single month.

Click Here For The Template Club

Fusion By DropMock Internet Marketing Store

A store to display, sell, and have customers create their own videos.
Also included is the ability for Video Remix, DesignoPro2, and YouZign customers to display their products on the store front as well with an API.

Click Here For The Internet Marketing Store

EZ Magic Video: Fusion Edition will be available by July 15, hopefully sooner.  We have the footage filmed, and are editing and getting it inside the software now.  You will receive a notification when it is ready.  Thank you!

You can access the rest of the bonuses here:

Business Video Clips - Click Here To Download

Animation Video Clips - Click Here To Download

Instant Graphics Package - Click Here To Download

Bonus EZ Voicemail Credits For Those Of You Buying Any Of The Upgrades:

Yes!  We are giving out bonus credits for those of you that buy any of the upgrades through us! (links to upgrades are above)

Buy any upgrade: 500 bonus credits!

Buy 2 upgrades: 1,500 bonus credits!

(Credits will be distributed a few days after this promotion ends, you will be notified)

Internet Marketing Store Bonus

When you buy the internet marketing store upgrade, in addition to the bonus credits, we will also give you brand new clips for videos you can put on your internet marketing store!

These clips will be available shortly, when the other Fusion EZ Magic clips are available and you will be notified.