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Brand new point and click software helps you bring INSTANT credibility to your videos in a matter of seconds with pre-made professional spokespersons, and dozens of customizable options right at your fingertips.

World’s #1 “Instant Credibility” Spokesperson Software Built By Marketers For Marketers

Produces Amazing HD Commercials Ready To Sell (Or Use Yourself) For $100’s Of Dollars Each

100% Cloud-Based. Nothing To Install. Ever!

Featuring Several Different Spokespersons. Even Includes Todd Gross

Dozens Of Videos, Backgrounds, Lower Thirds Graphics, Soundtracks, And More At Your Fingertips

Includes All The Hot Topics Such As Making Money Online, Facebook, Traffic Generation, Local Business Videos, And So Much More

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“Matt's new EZ Review Video software could easily be the best product Matt has created in years.

During my testing, I created a very nice review video and submitted it to a friend of mine. She passed it on to her boss and the owner of the company she worked for.

Within 48 hours, I got an email asking for a meeting to create and produce local real estate videos and review videos for one of the largest real estate companies in Southern California.”

Allen Lundy

"I was happy to have the opportunity to beta-test EZ Review Videos. Since we first started beta-testing this very useful cloud-based software, many new features and improvements have gone into it. What I liked most is that Matt was very receptive to the valuable feedback received from all the beta-testers and I'm sure it will improve even further. EZRV is a very powerful tool if you're making videos for your business or clients. The software itself is easy to use, at least based on my own experience. You can create professional quality review videos easily with a variety of templates with live spokesperson intros and outros. You will get a lot of value out of this product."

AJ Godinho

Over the past two years I have not only used several software products developed by Todd Gross and Matt Bush but have had the opportunity to beta test some of them. In my opinion their products are always of the highest quality and are followed up with outstanding support. “EZ Review Videos”, a cloud based software, is no exception.

I was given the opportunity to test drive “EZ Review Videos” software and I was amazed with the quality of the professional videos it produced. I created a number of videos for internet marketing and local business applications and all results were outstanding. More amazing was it literally took me “minutes” to create each video using the templates provided.

I can already see “EZ Review Videos” becoming the most powerful software that can add stunning enhancements to my video creation. When you see the quality of your videos, I am certain you will agree that “EZ Review Videos” software adds a high level of CREDABILITY to your videos possible today. I experienced it myself.

I highly recommend getting your copy of “EZ Review Videos” today.

Terry Hinton

Internet Marketer – Commercial Video Specialist

"Matt Bush and his team have done it again. Out of the box thinking and great execution are his trademarks and he doesn't disappoint this time either. EZ is the operative word and it is very easy to use and it fills a gap in video marketing that has existed for a while now - local review videos. I am very excited about this market because no one is there at the moment!"

Robert Taylor

“Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you! This time you and Todd really hit it out of the park, great app."

-Ed Burckhardt

See See EZ Review Videos In Action...

Creating INSTANT Credibility Has Never Been Easier!

With all of the different video creation software out there, it has become easier and easier to create high quality videos to capture people’s attention. But what do you do after you have their attention? What message do you want to come across about the product, business or service you’re marketing?

How about adding customer testimonials and real reviews that share HONEST experiences real customers have had with the products and services you’re marketing, directly into your videos

It’s the most powerful way to instantly connect with your video viewers! In fact, 78% of Americans report that online reviews help them decide whether they should purchase a product, according to a study by Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange (OTX).

EZ Review Videos is the instant solution for creating these highly engaging, instantly credible videos for ANY product or service in just a matter of minutes!

But With

It's As Easy As A, B, C...

Choose From Our Incredible Built-In Video Template Library & Have Your Own Spokesperson Inserted In 90 Seconds

Click To View Our Samples Below

Templates Featuring Dozens Of Hot Topics

  • Generic (use for just about anything)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Make Money Online (General)
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Internet Marketing For Beginners
  • List Building
  • Video Marketing

Local Business “Review” Commercials

Local Business

  • Plumber
  • Accountant
  • Carpet Cleaner
  • Hair Salon
  • Restaurant
  • Real Estate

Website Intro Videos

  • Regular Ecommerce Store
  • Internet Marketing Website
  • Make Money Online Website
  • Affiliate Marketing Website

Every single topic we cover features both a male AND female spokesperson.Talk about options!

Choose from one of our many soundtrack options.

Here's What You're Getting With

Save Thousands Of Dollars And Hours Of Your Time

Professional Actors & Actresses Are Very Expensive

Not Only is it expensive to be working with professional actors and actresses, it is also challenging to script out what they will say!

Designing Videos Is Incredibly Time Consuming

Actually creating a video that a business would pay for is quite time consuming. You need to be an expert at sales copy, graphic creation, video production, and more.

Installing & Learning Complicated Software Is Demanding

Typical video creation software is complicated to use. Creating great videos requires countless hours to master confusing software.

Includes Detailed Training On Starting Your Own Video Agency

Matt Will Walk You Through Creating A Profitable Video Agency

In this detailed training, Matt will show you how to go out and find businesses who are ready to pay top dollar for your video commercials.  Time to land that first sale!

Matt's Videos & Training Are Top Notch

Just Look At What His Students Are Saying...

Bob Eccles

‘Matt's products are always easy to understand, straight to the point and always relevant to the subject at hand. No fluff, no B.S, no pie in the sky promises. In addition, if there are ever any questions or concerns, Matt's customer service is matched by few. I would highly recommend any product that Matt produces or promotes.”

Bob Eccles
Josie Weisser

"Everything that I have purchased through you or from you is going to be a tremendous asset and will give me so many more options to build my business and to do the best for my future clients and I want to Thank You for everything. Your trainings and videos are top shelf and excellent. You explain everything in great detail and very precise. I am so very glad that I have the opportunity to be a part of your community. Keep up the great work. My husband and I would love to meet you in person some time.”

Josie Weisser
Josie Weisser

“Matt, your videos and training is what helped me really get started in the lead generation and video marketing business. Many thanks.“

Josie Weisser
David Sweney

“I have been using your training, including a responsive website and video package from you, to sell videos to local and online clients for a couple of years now, and I have to say what you have provided has helped our business immensely.”

David Sweney

“Matt - For years I have loved (and bought and used) your products. All I have to see is your name to know it's either one of your top efforts or something worthy of recommending. Keep it up (as I know you will). I work and treat people the same way. Thanks”

Steve Harry

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

This is a risk-free purchase. You have 30 days from purchase to go through the training, sell to your clients, and make some money. If for any reason, you do not feel that this product meets it's highest standards, then you may go through the support desk and request a full refund.
We stand by our products 100% and we are confident that you are going to love EZ Review Videos.


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Additional  10 EZ Review Video templates!

Fast Action Bonus #3

Additional  20 Brand New Templates Featuring A British Accent.

Video Agency Studio Members Only - Get Access To This Incredible "EZ Videos" Bundle At A 50% Discount“

EZ Review Videos ($47) + EZ Review Videos Upgrade ($47)


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- Matt & Todd

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